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  wednesdaydecember21st  10:58pm

transcribed from today's entry in my paper diary

I got the keys to my new Asheville apartment yesterday w/my sister. In like 5 days I'll be living there!

Mary came to town today but we missed each other. Maybe I can catch her tomorrow. I wanna tell her "Thank you for being my doula. You used to want to be in training to be a literal doula and now you are in training to be a spiritual doula - you help people who are giving birth to themselves."

At my new house my computer will finally be in my bedroom again. Which is perfect timing because I feel called to return to Livejournal & the bedroom is of course the perfect place to write in your diary. I wonder if I'll stop writing in this paper diary anymore. Part of me wants to transcribe this & my earlier diaries to Livejournal in their entirety.

Mood: drinking milk out of a Discovery Place mug

  thursdayapril28th  12:41am

Do I Want to Start Writing in My Livejournal Again



  mondayaugust2nd  8:18am


i probably should find some friends who are less exciting. and have bedtimes.


  sundayjuly18th  8:08pm

i've never been furiouser


  thursdayjuly8th  3:05pm

i have to leave work early because i feel too suicidal/thirsty. will explain later.


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